EE Tariff Guide

Looking for an EE pay monthly phone contract but unsure about which phone tariff you need?

Check out the full list of EE plans below. These plans are available on our full range of mobiles, but the monthly and upfront costs will differ depending on the value of the handset you want to buy.

5G Essential plan500 MB DataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential plan1GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential plan4GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential plan10GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential plan40GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential plan100GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Essential planUnlimited DataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Smart plan4GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Smart plan10GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Smart plan40GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Smart plan100GB dataUnlimitedUnlimited
5G Smart planUnlimited DataUnlimitedUnlimited

What’s included with EE pay monthly plans?

When you buy a mobile phone or SIM Only contract from EE you don’t just get a bunch of minutes, texts and data. EE offer a range of extras for you to enjoy.

Tethering on EE

All EE pay monthly plans come with tethering built into your data allowance. This means that you can connect any wifi enabled device to superfast 4G using the wifi hotspot feature on your phone. Tethering makes EE plans perfect for commuters who don’t have reliable access to wifi and anyone who wants to connect their laptop or tablet to the web while out and about.

Fast 4G and 5G growing every month

All EE plans have access to the advanced 4G network with the best coverage in the UK, and 100 new 5G masts activated every month.
Perfect for watching movies, streaming TV and music and uploading large files to the internet.

International roaming in EU countries

4GEE Extra tariffs also come with international roaming built into your data allowance, so you can use your minutes and texts while abroad in EU countries.
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