EE WiFi Calling


Signal trouble? EE Offers WiFi Calling to Keep you Connected! 

With EE’s new WiFi Calling service, you can call and text as normal over your internet connection, even when you don't have phone signal!
EE-funded research shows that 1 in 10 households complain of having at least one room with little to no signal. A problem we can all sympathise with! Well that’s where EE WiFi Calling comes in.
It's easy - simply make sure your phone is connected to WiFi, then call and text as you usually would. If you’re low on signal, EE WiFi Calling will automatically connect you, meaning that even in the most remote areas you can keep your conversations going. 
With EE’s service there are no apps involved, so less hassle for you and more high quality calls from us.
Stranded on the tube without texts? Simply combine EE’s free underground WiFi service with WiFi Calling, so you’re not left in the dark any longer! 
WiFi Calling uses your calls and texts as usual, taking your minutes and texts out of your standard allowances. Out of allowance calls are also be charged at the same rate. 
If you have one of the following phones you can already make use of WiFi Calls:


iPhone 5c Blue


iPhone 5s Gold


iPhone 6 Space Grey


iPhone 6 Plus Silver


Samsung Galaxy S5 Black


Samsung Galaxy S6 Black


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge White


Microsoft Lumia 640


EE Harrier


EE Harrier Mini


Just download the latest update, and make sure the WiFi Calling option is on in the settings menu!

Already have one of these handsets but aren't on EE? Check out our SIM-Only deals so you can get WiFi Calling on your phone!

Currently, you can’t make a call over WiFi and transition to a normal call. EE are working away to build this functionality, providing the technology to transfer from WiFi to network without a hitch using VoLTE (Voice over LTE). This is set to arrive later this year! 
EE WiFi Calling is the first of its kind in Europe. This means that while at the moment it’s limited to UK use, you can be sure you’re at the forefront of mobile technology on EE. No other network offers you a seamless WiFi Calling service that acts exactly as a normal call, and doesn’t use an app!
So if you’re struggling for signal out in the sticks, or can’t make calls in that annoying office blackspot, why not try EE WiFi Calling?