EE Insurance

EE offer insurance for your mobile phone when you buy it via the website, or in one of their shops. Read on to find out more about the level of cover available, and the cost.

What's covered?

If you're just worried about cracking your screen or dropping your phone down the toilet then you might just want to buy their Damage cover. This insures your phone for accidental damage and mechanical breakdown, with next day replacement available. If you also worry about losing your phone, or having it stolen, then you might be better off with their Full Cover. Full Cover insures your phone against accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, loss and theft. It also includes access to the premium version of Lookup Mobile Security.

How much does EE insurance cost?

EE insurance starts from £4 a month for Damage cover, but the price increases based on the value of your phone. Full cover starts from £8 a month. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

What other options are there?

It's possible that your EE mobile phone could already be covered on your home contents insurance, or if you have a premium bank account you might have phone insurance included with that. If you don't have these already, or you find that the cost and level of cover is not quite right for you, a standalone mobile phone insurance policy could be the best value option. These are typically much cheaper, with full cover starting from around £2.99 a month. However, you're less likley to get next day replacement, and so might need to wait a couple of days to get a replacement phone.