EE Film Club


Get Your Weekly Film Fix with EE Film Club

EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers can now enjoy a new flick every week with the EE Film Club. 
EE have teamed up with to bring you EE Film Club, letting you stream a new film for just £1 every week. From comedy capers to awesome adventure, EE Film Club has something for everyone. There's loads of new releases too, so you can catch all the latest blockbusters. 
You're not tied down to watching on one device either. If you want to switch over and finish your film on your phone you can! You can also watch it on your computer, tablet, games console or smart TV, for easy flexibility. 

Just pick your film between Monday and Wednesday and you get 48 hours to finish watching it. You can pause and continue whenever you want to, so no pressure to finish it in one sitting!

To get your EE Film Club promo code, text film to 141, then go to between Monday and Wednesday to pick your film. Texts cost 35p.

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