EE Christmas Gift Guide


Pick out the perfect present this Christmas on EE

Whether it's tablets, phones, action cams or WiFi Hubs, EE has the perfect gift for you this Christmas. 

Already an EE Customer? Get 10% off the monthly cost on our great range of gadgets below, as well as no upfront charge!

Capture all the action with the 4GEE Action Cam

If you're planning to speed down the slopes this winter, capture the moment and stream it to your friends in real time with the 4GEE Action Cam.

Control the action with the EE Viewfinder Watch, which lets you pause and play when you want.


- £9.99 upfront

- £15 a month

- 2GB Data



Existing Customer Offer

No upfront cost

*10% off monthly cost  



Relieve car boredom with Car WiFi from EE


Turn your car into a rolling WiFi hub with the EE Buzzard 2. Plug it into to your car dashboard and keep the whole car connected to superfast 4G!

- No upfront cost

- £10 a month

- 1GB Data



Existing Customer Offer

*10% off monthly cost (now £9)

Keep the Kids entertained with the EE Robin

The fantastic EE Robin is the ideal tablet for kids! 4G connected with access to TV Streaming service Hopster (by redemption), the EE Robin brings great entertainment like Postman Pat, and Thomas and Friends. 

- £29.99 upfront cost

- £15 a month

- 10GB data


Existing Customer Offer

No upfront cost

*10% off monthly cost (now £13.50)


Free 500MB data with select PAYG handsets


Get 500MB of data for free every month for a year on our selected range of superb Pay As You Go phones.

Take a look at our list here and find your favourite!

EE will even include a £10 Google Play voucher, so you can get the latest apps with your new phone! 



Budget Friendly Tablet - The EE Harrier Tab

Bringing you a full HD Display, 4G connectivity, and a sleek, slim design, the EE Harrier Tab can easily compete with other top-flight tablets, at a budget friendly costEE-Harrier-Tab-Christmas-Offer

- £29.99 a month upfront cost

- £18 a month

- 10GB Data


Existing customer offer

No upfront cost

- 10% off monthly cost (now £16)


Connect your home for less with 4GEE WiFi EE-WiFi-Christmas-Deals

Using the Osprey 2 Mini WiFi Hub you can give your whole house access to superfast 4G. What's more as winner's fastest mobile broadband 2015 award, you can make sure you get the very best 4G performance!

- No upfront cost

- £20 a month

- 1GB Data


Existing customer deal

- 10% off monthly cost (now £18)


So make sure you save this Christmas, and grab an EE deal today! All on the biggest, fastest UK network!