EE Business Plans

Looking for the perfect phone, SIM, tablet or mobile broadband plan for your business? EE are at hand to help you keep your business running not just smoothly, but superfast, in the office, on the train, and at home.

Work from anywhere using EE. Start browsing effortlessly on the morning commute, or cut down on desk time by working from home without a hitch. It's all possible at amazingly fast speeds on EE.

EE Business Pay Monthly Plans

When you choose an EE Business Pay Monthly Plan, you get the flexibility of either a 12 or 24 month contract, as well as the choice between a wide range of allowances to suit your needs. 

All of our 4G business pay monthly plans give you superfast 4G, and with our £30+ per month tariffs, you can share your  4G data with up to 4 devices! There's also free London Underground WiFi, as well as the ability to tether your device and turn it into a moving WiFi hotspot.

What's more, choose a 4G Extra plan and you get Double Speed 4G, for twice the internet speeds. You also get three hours of inclusive calls when you're in the US or Europe, or calling those countries from the UK. 

If you're interested in a plan that lets you share data between devices, you have two options: a Shared Plan for up to 4 devices, or a Business Connect Plan for larger businesses with up to 50+ employees. 

EE Shared Plan

Ideal for any developing small business, the shared plans lets you add up to 4 devices, with each phone/tablet/broadband hub getting unlimited minutes, texts and a pool of sharable data. You also have the option to add more devices at a later date.

You only get one bill - that means less admin, and less stress. What's more, business plans give you markedly better value than if you were to take out individual plans!

To get an EE shared plan, simply select an EE Business Pay Monthly Phone plan that's over £30 per month. Then you're free to add whatever 4 SIMS, Tablets, or Mobile WiFi devices you want! 

Business Connect Plan

For larger businesses EE offer Business Connect, giving you more flexibility and control than ever. With Business Connect you can treat each handset individually, tailoring allowances as you see fit. Connect employees just as you need to, with shorter, 30 day plans for temporary workers and longer plans for permanent staff. 

How Business Connect Works

1. Add a plan or device for each person
Choose a plan for each person, with individual allowances if you need. Add all your phones, tablets, SIMs and MiFi devices here!
2. Add shared data for use in the UK
Doublespeed 4G data for for everyone to share, including when an individual allowance is used up. 
3. Add shared calls and texts
For use in the UK and from the UK to Europe & USA. Plus add extra countries if needed.
4. Add roaming calls & texts
For use when travelling in Europe and USA. Plus add extra countries if needed.
5. Travelling further afield?
You can also add key business destinations including Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan and Turkey.
Maximise value by sharing allowances. Adapt your plan as your business grows. Connect your business internally, and internationally. All with the peace of mind that you're not spending more than you should be.
Find out more about Business Connect here. 


Add-ons are a great way for your business to save money. Whether you want extra minutes, texts and data, or even European calls, EE offer a wide range of add-ons to help you. 

HD Calls And More

On EE you get crystal clear HD Calls as standard. All new 4G phones from EE are HD-Voice ready, at no extra charge or hassle!

WiFi Calls and Texts

Coming soon to EE - WiFi Calling: Connect to Wifi for calls, texts and internet - no apps, no fuss, no extra charge. Just streamlined communication, even when your out of phone signal.

You also get access to EE's underground WiFi services, so you can browse easily when you're travelling. 

Mobile Broadband

With 4GEE Mobile Broadband you get access to the UK's largest 3G and 4G Networks instantly, so you're not forced to ask clients for WiFi Codes or wait in line on the snail-slow coffee shop connection! 

Connect up to 10 devices in the office or on the go, and you'll have yourself your own 4GEE bubble in which to work.

There's also the EE Buzzard 2,  your perfect in-car Wifi solution. Connect up to 10 devices to get everyone browsing effortlessly down the M4!

Large Business (50+ employees)

EE also offers plans for larger businesses. If you have a business of 50 employees or over, why not take a look at the offers available here. EE Large Business Plans.

EE- Winner - Mobile awards best business network 2013, 2014.